Volume VIII/1, January 2000

Editor’s Comments
James Santucci
Associate Editor’s Comments
The French Connection
Was Swedenborg a spy?
The Wallace Project at the Open University
Leslie Price
    Gladney Oakley
The Conger Papers:1945–1951:Part 1
Historical Introduction by Kenneth R. Small
Document 1: “The Leader’s Private Office (Jan. 25, 1935)”
Document 2: “Important Statement By Dr. G. de Purucker (Jan. 12, 1941)”
Document 3: “E.S. Council Meeting (Dec. 21, 1945)”
Document 4: “Private Meeting With Col. Conger (Dec. 23, 1945)”
Document 5: “Meeting With Col. Conger (Jan. 6, 1946)”
Document 7: “Document Appointing Wm. Hartley (March 27, 1946)”
Document 10: “Notice Closing the Esoteric School (Feb. 14, 1946)”
Document 11: “Notice of Col. Conger’s Death. (Feb. 24, 1951)”
Book Reviews
Rules And Regulations Of Brahmanical Asceticism
Ananda W.P. Guruge
Krishnamurti and the Rajagopals
Jean Overton Fuller
Literary Notes
James Santucci

Volume VIII/2 (April 2000)

Editor’s Comments
James Santucci
Associate Editor’s Comments
In the Beginning
Leslie Price
A Report on the Kalachakra Initiation in Bloomington, Indiana
James Burnell Robinson
Methodology and the Study of Western Spiritual Alchemy
Dan Merkur
Walter Richard Old: The Man Who Held Helena Blavatsky’s Hand
Kim Farnell
Book Reviews
Aleister Crowley e la tentazione della politica
Joscelyn Godwin
"...Een kern van Broederschap...’: 100 Jaar Theosofische
Vereniging in Nederland, 1897-1997
Alfred Willis
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