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Volume IX, Number 1
January 2003

Editor's Comments
James Santucci


“The Basic Truths of Religion”

Vernon Harrison (1912 – 2001)
Montague Keen (Reprinted from the October 2002 issue of the Journal for Psychical Research.)

Louis-François Jacolliot (1837 – 1890): A biographical essay
Daniel Caracostea

Book Review
Lectures on Divine Humanity
Judy Salzman

On the cover: Louis Jacolliot (1837-1890). Reprinted with permission by Daniel Caracostea.


Volume IX, Number 2
April 2003

Editor's Comments
James Santucci
The Universal Brotherhood
Martin P. Starr

Postinventional: Open Instruction On Aspiration And Attainment
D.K.M. (from the Archives of Cecil Frederick Russell)
Presented by Martin P. Starr

The Egyptian Theosophy of Count Michael Maier
Hereward Tilton

Book Review

Uppkomsten av Teosofiska Samfundet i Finland
Mikal Rothstein
On the cover: Count Michael Maier (1569-1622). Photo supplied by Dr. Hereward Tilton.


Volume IX, Number 3
July 2003

Editor's Comments
James Santucci
Response to Frank Reitemeyer
Hereward Tilton
A Response to Hereward Tilton’s translation of “Theosoph” in “The Egyptian Theosophy of
Count Michael Maier”
Frank Reitemeyer
Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies Conference
Kevin Tingay

Obituary: Jan Hendrikus Dubbink
Aeisso Raven

An Unpublished Lecture by W.Q. Judge in 1876 on His Magical Progress in the Theosophical Society
John Patrick Deveney

Book Reviews
Children of the New Age – A History of Spiritual Practices
Kevin Tingay
Familiar Spirits
Robert Boyd
On the cover: William Q. Judge (1851 – 1896)


Volume IX, Number 4
October 2003

Editor's Comments
James Santucci

The Divine Fire: H. P. Blavatsky and the Theology of Electricity
Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

From The Archives
"More About Materialization.
An Intelligent And Logical Spiritualist.—A Medal
Brought From The Grave In Russia By A Spirit.—
How The Emperor Of Russia Was Converted."
Spiritual Scientist, Boston, November 19, 1874
(Transcribed by Michael Gomes)

Judges’ Practical Occult Experiments
Brett Forray

Book Review
Gurdjieff – The Key Concepts
Gurdjieff, Astrology & Beelzebub’s Tales

Rev. Kevin Tingay

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